Workshop/Office  :

     JL. P. Misol Vc/2

     Jl.Gunung Lumut II/7


          Goverment License :

      SIUP no. 0375/22-09/PK/IV/2010

      TDP no.

Bali is a tourist`s paradise, always welcome to every body who wants to come to Bali with friendly smiles. Not only for tourism, we have beautiful beaches, mountains, lakes, and lush tropical scenery. Old culture of the island has been little changed over the centuries. Religious custom and celebration are an integral part of the colourful way of life, that is unique in this World. We are an original Balinese very respect and familier, soft  people also proffesionality in Bussines, we want make friendship in bussines.Bali is also famous for one of the biggest handicrafts manufacture in the world. We mostly produced handmade handicrafts with the basic materials that we found on our surrounding island without destroying them as we are committed to heritage them with our children.

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